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Tuesday 12 June 2012

The bags continue

After having a bit of a break from my bags of love have much to report! (in between I've been to see Slash at Hammersmith Apollo! Cool! Swanage to see my sister - lovely! St.Albans for a friend's 40th birthday - fab! and Download at Castle Donnington - saw Black Sabbath original line up - pretty special! 

hmmm I'm sounding like a bit of a rocker!! Anyway I'm sure you aren't really interested in all that so will talk about bags instead...

So then what's been happening. Well, before going off all around the place - Sara from  Sara N Photography came up and did a photoshoot which was LOADS of FUN with a capital F. 

She's a very talented lady - here's a link to her blog with some of the photos she took....


I love the retro feel to her work and the warmth she adds to her photographs.

I'll be getting the CD with all the shots in a few days. I think Sara said she'd taken over 150. Don't worry I'm not going to post them all here...;-) 

The rain stayed away so we were able to go out and about for some shots. I must admit - I did feel like I was is a Boden Catalogue!! ;-)

I'm going to be making Sara a 'wedding' version of my bags now for her to use in her photoshoots. So that's all very exciting.

I've also had an order from one of the original 'bags of love' owners who wants some for her friends - one will be going to Denmark and one to Mexico...so am looking forward to receiving photos from them once they have their bags!

So alongside now making my bags I've had an idea...

I am looking for ten people in Bristol who 'Do What They Love'...so if you know someone who does - or it's you - get in touch! I want to know what you do, why you love it and how you got there. I'm interested in your story...and you'll need to be prepared to be photographed and featured on my blog.

Email me at bagsofloveforbristol@gmail.com please..........I want to hear from you!

ooh and nearly forgot to mention that John Williams - creator of 'Screw Work Lets Play' loved my video and has tweeted about it!!  *big smile*

One last thing...Slash really *loved* his new bag....

Slash using his bag onstage...!!! ;-)

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