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Tuesday 15 September 2020

On being determined

It's been a while since I've written a post here on my blog and I can't even begin to imagine how this year has been for you so far. I hope that you've been able to find moments to be creative and have some small adventures, even if these have been imaginary and in or close to home.

When I created these Goat of Determination Magical Animal postcards, little did I know how much determination, encouragement and support we'd need to get through the past 6+ months. I sent out some as gifts at the start of the year and they've been pinned to notice boards and stuck to fridges and [so I've been told] have helped and brought a smile when it's been needed. They've been a visual reminder that little by little, small step by small step, we can keep going. 

I've just discovered that I've still got some Goat of Determination postcards and so I've listed them on my Folksy shop at a reduced price [3 postcards for £2.50 plus p+p], as I'd really love for Sandy to go and to hopefully spread a bit of 'doormat' joy!  

Link to Folksy Shop:  Goat of Determination

I hope I can tempt you to purchase a few Sandys to send to your friends and family. Send to raise a smile and a hug by post.  ;-D

Keep Going, don't stop believing - YOU CAN DO IT!!


PS Please do share with anyone else you think might like to buy some. Thank you! 

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