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Thursday 2 July 2020

What happens when you say Yes...

Exciting Announcement!

I’ve written a chapter for a book called The Biggest Book of Yes and it's now available for preorder on kindle (print coming later this week)!  

This book is all about what happens when you say Yes. It includes 49 short adventure stories ranging from driving a Tuk Tuk across India, long distance cycle rides to what happens if you get up a little earlier each morning. Tales of adventures big and small as you know, adventure can come in all sizes. 

I'm so chuffed to be a part of the book and this project as it is filled with inspiring stories. I've a feeling, some of them will inspire my own future creative adventures...

I’ve written about the time I decided to go on my own pilgrimage following in the footsteps (ish) of Saint Morwenna from Brecon in Wales to Morwenstow by bike, boat and foot. 

It's actually 5 years since I went on that adventure and this Saturday - the 4th July, is the date I completed the journey in 2015, so the timing really couldn't be better!

Here's the link if you’d like to take a look at the book and find out more: https://bit.ly/TBBOY3

It's a book for charity, with all proceeds going to The Teddington Trust.

*Happy Dance* 

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