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Sunday 16 April 2017

[UK Islands Project] Don't be Scilly

The sand bar between St.Agnes and Gugh. The place on the island that I kept returning to

I've gotten the bug. The Isles of Scilly Bug

My short visit to St.Agnes last month has developed into a slight obsession with all things Scilly.

I stayed only three nights on St.Agnes and yet this Island trip felt as if I'd been away for months - such was the 'magic' of the place. 

It was all a bit hit and miss if I'd even get there as a number of flights had been cancelled that week due to the weather. I drove down to Cornwall the night before I was due to fly and there was hail and rain on a rather epic scale.

Wednesday dawned and so did the blue skies and the sunshine.

I knew then, in that instant that it was all going to be grand. Just grand

And it was. On so many levels

The people I met

The beauty of the place - the light, the colours the wildness

The tranquility

I loved it

With all the notes and photos I'm taking, boiling it all down to one blog post just isn't happening (as you may have noticed!) and I think this is, I expect, influenced by the fact that I am going to be writing all these Islands explorations into a book.

Seeing that my posts are random I've just added an Instragram feed to my blog as that's where I'm sharing more 'live' moments from these island adventures, so if you'd like a more interactive part in this project - instagram is the best place to follow me @morwhennawoolcock Do come and say hi! 

The next Island I'm visiting is Lundy. Would you like to receive a special art postcard from Lundy Island? Click here

Hanging out with The Old Man of Gugh. Going 'Off-peak' meant I had the whole Island to myself

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