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Friday 11 July 2014

What would Dolly do?

Sometimes you just gotta channel your inner Dolly Parton...!

Since getting back from my six week trip to Thailand I’ve found it hard to get back into the swing of things. Not really surprising as I’d immersed myself in another culture and worked with a whole host of different people during that time.  It was an amazing experience and to think it took me three years to actually go and do it!

So what does Dolly have to do with this? And Dolly Parton in particular?

Let me explain…

I watched her Glastonbury set on TV and was blown away by her energy and her kindness of heart. She’s was also a lot of fun and as I've discovered a pretty hard working and smart business woman. PLUS she looks pretty darn amazing for 68, doesn't take herself too seriously and always stays true to herself.

I think she’s pretty cool.

So this got me thinking.

Dolly’s pretty smart and a no nonsense kinda gal so maybe Dolly can help if we’re feeling a bit, you know, stuck?  

I’m not suggesting avoiding making your own decision or ‘but Dolly Told me to do it’ kinda thing so not taking responsibility - nah that’s a bit crazy. Rather use this as a game to get your mind to free up a bit and get playful!  Right on Partner!

PS you don’t have to have a blond wig to hand or a rhinestone jumpsuit either…Unless you fancy that of course…And guys – this works for you too!

So want to give it a try? Here goes:

  • Have a think about one issue you are facing at the moment
  • Grab a piece of paper and write down your issue
  • Ask yourself – What would Dolly Do?
  • Stick on some Dolly Parton music (One of my faves is 9-5!)
  • Move about (if you are called to do so!) FEELS GOOD!
  • As words/ images start to flow jot/draw these on your sheet of paper. Don’t think too much about what comes to mind – just get it down. Go crazy! Like Dolly’s outfits. No limits!
  • At the end of the song stop and take a few moments to settle yourself.
  • Want to carry on? Pick another track and keep going. Stop when you feel you've got everything out of your head (we're tapping into your sub-conscious mind you see)
  • Then take a look at your sheet of paper.
  • Does anything jump out at you?

Use this as your starting point to find creative ways to help you with your current issue.

You can re-do this exercise as many times as you want to really drill down on your ideas for ways to face your current challenge.

Then create your own action plan with small steps to help you move forward. YES! 

Then - TAKE ACTION! *important bit

Let me know how you get on - either reply to this email or share your experience over in The Creative Adventurers Playground!* How did it work for you?

Here's to Creative Adventures & THANK YOU Dolly! 


Morwhenna xxx

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  1. Lovely, and so audacious! Thanks for sharing this (I saw it on the Amazing Biz/Life blog page).

    Blessed be,

  2. While I'm not always a fan of Dolly's music (some of her stuff is awesome, but it's just not my style generally), I do have HUGE respect for the lady as a savvy businessperson and a entertainer.

    Plus, she's *smart*. I love her quote about how she reacts to blonde jokes: "I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I'm not dumb... and I also know that I'm not blonde."

    I also love the "What would {{character}} do?" excercise - I use it a lot with fictional characters who inspire me :-)