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Wednesday 30 April 2014

Final preparations and childhood dreams coming true

The Red Shoes. I used to LOVE watching this film with my mum when I was a much younger creative adventurer!

A week today and I'll be off on my first ever Creative Charity Volunteer Adventure. WOW!

After all the full-on-ness of the past 7 weeks (making the decision to go, booking it, fundraising, Art-A-Thoning, vaccinations and more)  I've come to a bit of a standstill and a bit of a low energy ebb.  Hardly surprising. 

There are a few things left to do, such as:
  • Travel insurance – I am covered for health with Cultural Canvas but that doesn’t cover my luggage and camera etc..
  • Finalising my workshop ideas and plans
  • Stuff I need to do HERE – like – car insurance is due while I’m away, Renew website hosting, what else?? ity bity jobs.
  • Decide where to go for my week of solo exploration. I’ve extended my stay after my volunteer placement to explore by myself.
  • See how much more ££ I can raise.
  • Packing – I have everything I need (I think) so it’s a matter of actually packing it! I’m waiting for the fabulous art materials parcel from Great Art who are supplying some brushes and watercolour kits for me to take with me. THANK YOU!

I’ve bought some new things for my trip – but these have actually been small items, two in particular:
  • Sleep mask (tested and works just fine) only thought about getting one after reading the fabulous blog Never Ending Voyage. Really worth checking out if you are considering a long trip. Mine is rather short in comparison!  I bought this one: Daydream Sleep Mask
  • Travel slippers.  I realised that I could actually buy some RED BALLET shoes as my travel slippers!! I’ve bought some of these: Rickol Red Ballet Shoes 

There is a bit of a story here, about why I'm so excited about these red ballet shoes.

Ever since I was a child I’ve been rather obsessed with the film The Red Shoes. Every Christmas in my letter to Santa I would ask for some red ballet shoes. I never received any. I don’t know why. I did ask my Dad once but he couldn’t remember!

Now and again I would think about them and one day realised – I could actually buy my own…

I started looking for some but never quite found what I wanted, after all I did want some I could wear - not the actual hard toe versions. I stopped looking – even though in the back of my mind that desire was still there. 

The hunt began for travel slippers. And there were some RED BALLET shoes that would be perfect! I could have my red ballet shoes! Finally!

I looked at them – my heart jumped.

I bought them.

I've never been so excited to spend £11.95.

Not much at all when you consider I’m actually making one of my childhood dreams come 

Now I’m awaiting their arrival.

I am excited!

Ps I’m not planning on actually being like the character from the film, in fact as a child I don’t think I even really knew what the film was really about. I was captivated by the colours, the dancing, the red shoes and the fairy tale. I can’t actually remember the last time I saw this film. I don’t think I've watched it as an adult so would love to see it again.

Do you have a childhood dream that you could now achieve for yourself?

Fundraising Update!

Total Raised so Far! £1,017

whoosh! BRILLIANT!

Target £2,500 - Amount left to raise: £1,483

Art-A-Thon update – have come to the decision to do Part 2 when I get back – so if you’d
like to be involved – please let me know! It’d be FUN!

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  1. Funny how you suddenly realised you could fulfil a childhood dream by buying the red ballet shoes yourself. I did the same thing with a big beanbag. Morwhenna you've done brilliantly to raise so much money already. I'm looking forward to Art-a-thon part deux when you get back. Have a fab time! Rich. xx