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Friday 11 April 2014

Thai Consulate, Flights & Acceptance

This past week has all been about Acceptance. Not giving up, but accepting somethings aren't going the way I'd have liked, accepting that and being able to move on. Has been a week full of learning for me. Have also got some of the BIG things for my volunteer trip ticked off. That feels GOOD!

  • I have my VISA!! traveled to Cardiff on Wednesday to get that. That was a painless experience. After filling out a form and handing over £25 I had my visa. Easy
  • I have BOOKED MY FLIGHTS!!! I've spent a lot of time on the phone and the internet the past few weeks trying my best to get really cheap or free flights. It just wasn't happening. I was feeling defeated as I was SO SURE I’d be flying for free!! Part of me didn't want to give up, but it wasn't really the best use of my time. I've been doing Stephanie Harrison's Soul Journey’s Course and a few times this week have pulled the card Acceptance. (You can get a free reading on her site here).

    So I realised I had to ACCEPT this expectation probably wasn't going to happen this time around and that I needed to take action before it stopped me in my tracks. I selected the best deal and flights for me and booked them on Wednesday evening.

    Yes, I’m still going to contact Etihad Airways who I am flying with to tell them what I’m doing so there is still a feeling *something* will happen! Will keep you posted! ;-0
  • Remembered to STOP. BREATHE. TAKE A WALK when feeling overwhelmed
  • Rest of my injections booked in *phew* in fact you’ll probably be reading this as I’m sitting in ‘the chair’ at the travel clinic having them!  I’m booked in to have rabies, Japanese Enkefilitius, Cholera and to get some Malaria tablets. After much debating, I decided it wasn't worth the risk of not having them – even though I’m not keen on being a pin cushion.
  • 24 hr – Art-a-Thon – 19 April. Now I've got my Visa and flights sorted I have more brain capacity focus on this, as had been finding it hard to with the other things floating around in my mind. *good*
  • Car Boot Sunday! Will be doing my first ever Car Boot in Cheddar on Sunday.  Hope to shift a LOT of STUFF and get some extra ££s. Getting ready for my trip and fundraising for it has also been helping me to let go of things I've been holding on to and that feels great! Even my Welsh books from when I was 11 have found a new home!! That makes me feel happy that they will be used.
  • AUCTION! Have been running online auctions! This has been going really well and lots of the sari and leather books have been going off to new homes. I still have quite a few left so if you’d like one – let me know! Pics below of just some I have on offer. 

Art Relief International Volunteer Update!

Current Figure Raised: £720! WHOOP WHOOP!
Target to reach: £2,500

Every day I'm stepping closer and closer to my fundraising target - so a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me so far. xx

In FOUR WEEKS time I’ll be in Chiang Mai about to start my volunteer art role with Art Relief International. 

Is there a situation in your life that would benefit from some acceptance to allow you to move on to the next step?

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