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Friday 17 January 2014

So what does living Exuberantly actually mean?

Having chosen my word for 2014 (I have no idea where this actually originated – anyone know? I started hearing more about this approach last year so though I would try it for myself.

So I chose the word Exuberant and as a supporting word Abundant.

But what do these words ACTUALLY mean? What do they mean to me?

Here’s the dictionary definitions. I love a dictionary definition:

I also found it really interesting how the usage of the word Abundant has actually been in decline since the 1900s. Fascinating. There is a slight lift starting though in 2010...

I also noticed that the two words I'd chosen are more closely linked than I realised -  with exuberant being described as ‘abundantly fruitful.’

So that led me to think about exuberance and what that means to me and how I could invite more into my life. 

I wrote a list. I just jotted down the very first things that came to mind – so these are my perceptions:

Exuberant Woman...

  • Wear bright colours
  • Wear red lipstick
  • Are open
  • Are expensive!! 
  • Have gravitas
  • Enjoy cocktails* This gave me an idea – so contacted GoldBrick house to ask what their most exuberant cocktail is. One with their own stout reduction apparently so I have a date to go there and have one made for me!
  • Wear beautiful and sexy underwear for themselves
  • Love luxury
  • Dance
  • Attract Attention
  • Have tattoos
  • Are lean and strong
  • Know what they want
  • Have lots of friends
  • Are honest
  • Are stylish
  • Would wear a ballgown out shopping
  • Look after themselves
  • Are independent
  • Speak their mind (is that the same as being honest?)
  • Love adventures.

Then I took to social media to see what other peoples perceptions of this word were. I did this not to gain approval for my list but out of curiosity, as I love how unique people are and how everyone has a slightly different view of things.

Here’s just a few of the fabulous comments:

"Are fully alive and appreciate every moment, even the shit bits."
"Have very definite interests, are very talkative and like to share their interests with others/pass them on. They can be the life of the party or wear everyone out."

"Dance like firecrackers and pour joy out of the top of their head. They beam at strangers and give the best hugs in the world."

"Embrace life, the world and everyone in it." 

Hmmm this feels GOOD I thought!

So with this information in mind – what have I done so far?

  • Set up a Pinterest board for on going inspiration which I add to on a regular basis
  • Worn red lipstick even when wearing comfy jogging bottoms 
  • Had some earrings custom made for me by jeweller Kathryn Riechert. I LOVE them. I wanted something simple I could wear to remind me of my words. 
Discovered my 2014 vision board had just the right place to put the beautifully packaged box as I opened it!
  • Discovered I do indeed own some diamonds. One of my sisters gave me some Kit Heath earrings for my 30th Birthday. I’m sad to say that I’d not really worn them much at all so they had become tarnished. So I cleaned them up like new and have been wearing them! It’s actually my sisters birthday today – So Happy Birthday Deena! x
  • Also cleaned some other silver jewellery that had become tarnished
  • Dressed up ‘just for myself’ even though I wasn't going out anywhere. Took the puppy out for a walk dressed up. Just put on my wellies! Felt liberating and naughty!
  • Daily reading from Simple Abundance – A Daybook of Comfort & Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I’ve dipped in and out of this book since I bought it from a charity shop a few years back. This year though I’m committed to reading from it each day. 
  • Restarted a gratitude diary
  • As I write this my head is wrapped in a hot towel. I brought some henna back with me when I went to Morocco last November. Today seemed a good day to give my hair a bit of red. ;-)

I’m already feeling more exuberant AND abundant and it’s only 17 January! 

Have you chosen a word for 2014? How has it impacted on your life so far? Would love to hear.

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