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Friday 24 January 2014

Is it possible to hibernate and still get stuff done?

Even my computer has a hibernate button. ;-)

For the past week I’ve just wanted to hibernate. Snuggle down, get cosy, watch the weather and drink lashings of hot chocolate.

It hasn't been possible for me to completely switch off as I am guiding a wonderful group through the ReNew You 2014 course at the moment. This is such a joy and a pleasure that I wouldn't want it any other way. They are amazing! 

I am also in the midst of planning the next Connect 2 Nature:Connect 2 Self course with the lovely Jaimie MacDonald which starts on the 01 March.  Something I’m very much looking forward to.

So, like a squirrel who stores her nuts, I’m storing up energy.

I’m listening to my body and resting when I need to and yes drinking hot chocolate when I need to! I’m being more selective about what needs to be done and when and making the most of those moments when I do have an energy burst. 

I've accepted this is important and relaxed knowing everything will get done.  I've also factored in more *sitting in my favourite chair and watching the weather moments* I LOVE the colours of the light at this time of year. There is just something so magical about it.

I’m slowing down. not stopping completely, just stepping back a bit and enjoying the feeling of hibernating.

In fact on a course I took last year run by Martin Aylward one of the things he said really stood out in particular– “if you want more time, slow down.” So I've been putting that in to practice this week. And it works.

How about you? Would you benefit for some hibernation time? 

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  1. You're so right to listen to your body. I've always thought it odd how so many of the creatures on this little island slow down or hibernate during the winter to conserve energy, but we humans plough on as normal through the dark and cold. And we wonder why we're so sleepy and eat so much at this time of year! Or worse, get ill. I don't expect to 'get fit' or hit full stride creatively until the spring. Zzzzzzzz