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Tuesday 24 December 2013

The Places In Between

I’m currently reading The Green Road into the Trees by Hugh Thomson. A book I picked at random from the shelves of our library van. Yes I live in a village where the library comes to us. ;-)

As I was reading last night - those words ‘The places in between’ jumped right off the page. So I wrote them down. Then this morning those words were still in my mind as well as an understanding of what they meant to me.  

They make me think of hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, some dusty that need a polish and some so small you’d miss them if you were only focusing on the main event.  Kinda like Christmas.

So much pressure can be put on this one day of the year that those ‘places in between’ to get there and those small joys – like wrapping gifts whilst listening to Christmas songs and drinking a cup of cheer (mulled cider) can be overlooked as our minds wander elsewhere thinking about what else needs doing!

So how about over the holidays searching out your own 'places in between' and what they mean to you. Then celebrating them too. 

Merry Christmas


One of my favourite 'places in between' whist travelling to the Sahara desert in Morocco is pictured here. Taking an un-planned stop to buy some spices at this small shop, our guide knew this was the place to buy Ras el Hanout. 

As it happened they had run out. No problem though as the shop owner went off on his little scooter to get some. While we waited the ladies in the shop decided they wanted to dress me as a traditional Berber woman. 

They even gave me a Berber name. Fatima. ;-)

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