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Monday 5 August 2013

Reduce Month - items 3,4 & 5

What to do with old DVDs?

I have chosen three to part with - so far!

DVDs up for grabs - make me an offer?
I had the Austin Powers box set one Christmas many years ago and don't think I've actually watched the films more than once. So it is as good as new. Actually looking at it makes me feel a bit sad. That was a gift given with love and yet I don't feel I really appreciated it by actually watching it. I wonder how many other things I have like that? 

South Pacific - a charity shop purchase - I do love musicals - but this one wasn't for me! I think I'd rather remember the memories of the songs rather than some of the questionable comments in the film! Well, I guess it was made in 1958...;-0

I bought the Hideous Kinky film a few months ago after finding it in a charity shop. I'm going to Morocco later this year (hurrah!!) and it's a film I've wanted to watch for years! It wasn't quite what I expected. I did enjoy parts of it but I know it isn't a film I'll watch again...so to a new home it will go...

The South Pacific and Hideous Kinky films came from a charity shop in Yatton, Bristol.  I used to visit that area every two weeks for three months. I was having sessions with an empowerment coach and I would often pop to the charity shops after each session as a treat and a way to process all the stuff we'd talked about before driving home. ;-)

I would like to sell these and put the money towards my Moroccan adventure! 

So any offers or suggestions of what might be best - I'd like to hear! I've considered ebay and have started looking at those online 'sell your stuff' sites - so if there are any recommendations which ones are best - Let me know! Thank you ;-) x

I'd like them to be appreciated in new homes ;-)

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