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Wednesday 8 January 2020

A New Tradition. Say Hello to Sandy, The Goat of Determination.

Happy New Year and New Decade to You! 

As it's the start of a new decade it felt like the right time to begin a new tradition:
Creating a special postcard to bring in the New Year.

This is something that I've been thinking about doing ever since going to Morocco in 2013 and visiting Yves Saint Laurent's beautiful home, Jardin Majorelle, in Marrakesh.

Every year, Yves would design and send out a special postcard to friends and clients of his fashion house. He used mainly collage and the theme was always the same - Love. I bought a replica postcard of one of the designs, and ever since then, thought it such a lovely idea that one day I'd start doing this myself. This year, as we start a new decade, it seems like the right time to adopt this tradition for myself and to begin....

Let me introduce Sandy, The Goat of Determination. 

As you may already know, I've been creating Magical Animals for a while now and this seemed the perfect character to grace my first ever postcard to send out to friends and family. 

Sandy has a message for us:

"Keep going, don't stop believing - YOU CAN DO IT!"

Sometimes, we all need a little encouragement from Sandy, The Goat of Determination.

Seeing the cards printed, writing the cards, sending them out and then recieving the messages from those who've recieved one is bringing me so much joy! Being told how Sandy is now pinned to their fridge or notice board, how getting a card has made their day and how it'll help them through 2020 is just so so lovely and makes me so glad that I went ahead with this idea. I didn't really know how people would respond to this curious looking goat, but it appears that everyone loves Sandy. x 

Sandy is proving so popular that I've listed some for sale over on my Folksy shop. ;-)

Have you created your own traditions? I'd love to hear about them. 

Sandy, The Goat of Determination is the first New Year's Postcard I've created especially to send out to friends and family

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