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Monday 13 February 2017

[UK Islands Project] Portland in Pictures

Feels like I only just scratched the surface of Portland when we visited last weekend (no pun intended, what with all the quarrying that took place here!) It was so much bigger than I expected. 

On the Friday when we arrived the rain was hitting hard and the wind was up. The weather report had promised sunshine on Saturday so keeping that positive thought in mind we arrived at the Portland Bird Observatory where we were spending the weekend with a feeling of excitement. (I think me more than Mr CA as he was still a bit poorly from having the flu. I thought a bit of fresh air & adventuring would do him good though...;-)

I'm still crafting my copy about this island experience and will write about the different discoveries and inspirations of this island (there are quite a few!), so whilst I'm finishing that, I thought I'd share some photos from the 'Isle of Slingers'...

Pulpit Rock

Walking around the coastal path. Breathtaking views (around the edges, all built up in the middle it seems) plus lots of kestrel sightings.

Quarry markings. I didn't manage to find Wren's hourglass this time..

St George's Reforne. A fascinating church - I could see this being a great film set!

See. It is an Island!
The Olympic Rings and view of Chesil Beach behind.

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