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Monday 5 October 2015

The 40/40 Project No.30 - Firewalk

OK so I haven't done this yet - but I've registered and I've also managed to rope in..erm 'encourage' Mr CA to join me on this challenge. Although truth be told it wasn't difficult.

Mr CA was away with work last week when he received a text from me saying - 

'So do you fancy doing a Firewalk with me in aid of Penny Brohn Cancer Care.'

Yes!  Came the reply. 


Within 24 hrs of me thinking - 'OK I have 53 days left to do as many of my 40/40 Project challenges as possible before I turn 41 - what can I do?'

I'd found a local Firewalk for charity, which for me is an important element to this particular challenge, registered and secured two places. Yikes. Now I feel nervous. There is a whole science behind it apparently...

The charity we are going to do the fire walk for is Penny Brohn, a local charity who pioneered a programme called The Bristol Approach which is a holistic way of living well with Cancer. 

From their website:

"We have been successfully helping people with cancer for over 30 years, with our pioneering Whole Person Approach.  We can show you how to live well with cancer and take back control of your health and wellbeing –  before, during and after treatment.

Our range of services, including residential and day courses, are free of charge to adults with a cancer diagnosis and their supporters. However, as a charity we rely on donations to fund our work."

I've set up a sponsorship page if you'd like to support us - We've called ourselves - Team Disco Inferno...! 

or perhaps you'd like to take part and do the Firewalk too?

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