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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Creating a comfort drawer for those days when feeling less than adventurous!

Yep it's August and even though the sun is shining (hopefully) and if you have kids you'll be in the midst of the summer holidays right now, I'm sure you have days when you're not feeling particularly adventurous or fabulous? Right?! Yes I know. 

So here's something I thought you'd like. 

Inspired by Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book Simple Abundance, I have my very own Creative Adventurers Comfort Drawer. I actually made mine up a few years ago now and I find it a great source of joy on those down days. 

Even the act of putting it together was a pleasure. Searching out little things that make me smile and then adding them to the drawer. I do change mine around occasionally and will buy small treats when I am out and about to replace anything that I think has served its purpose or no longer brings me Joy. 

I use this drawer when I’m not feeling particularly fabulous. As soon as I open it and see the silk scarf I get excited about what’s underneath!

Here’s what’s in mine at the moment:

  • Some pretty notepaper to hand write letters of gratitude to people, or to send a letter to some one I’ve not been in touch with for a long time (don’t you just love receiving letters in the post? You could always write a letter to yourself...?
  • Neals Yard Aromatherapy Oils – De-stress, Energise, Calming – I’ll either use this in my oil burner, add a few drops to a bath or make myself a delicious massage oil
  • Handmade Creative Adventurer Cards - Pick a card and off on an adventure I'll go!
  • Films current favs are – Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and The Exotic Marigold Hotel. Both make me laugh and of course in Seven Brides there is plenty of singing and dancing and frolicking about. All good.
  • Books – The Alchemist by Paul Coallho (one of my all time favourite books and short enough to be read in a few hours!) and pocket Reiki and Tai Chi books for an injection of healing ;-)
  • A small pebble from Findhorn beach which I visited in 2013 when spending time at the Caledonian Forest, Scotland. I use this sometimes as a meditation stone.
  • A funny ‘Mo-stache’ pencil from one of my friends ;-) Makes me smile
  • A special handmade Do What You Love bracelet 
  • Yummy hazlenut waffle biscuits (oh I've eaten them!!!)
  • Gift vouchers
  • Sensory Clarity From Organics. You put this on your pressure points on your forehead and it feels AMAZING!

Why not create your own comfort drawer or box? If you have children - how about creating one with them for when they don't have such good days either? 

What will you put in yours?

Happy Creating!


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  1. That's a great idea Morwhenna. Today is one of those days. I reached for my Long Way Round DVD, which makes me smile and inspires me and reminds me that crazy ideas can turn out wonderfully. x