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Sunday 14 June 2015

And we're off!!

Today is THE DAY!

By the time you read this I will be tearing down the Taff Trail (that's in Wales), looking sleak(ish) in Lycra, powered by my super fast legs which are glaring passers by due to their whiteness....

The adventure has BEGUN!

Mr CA is joining me on this first week of the trip and I'm so grateful for that. Especially as today there is a MASSIVE bike event on in Cardiff and most of the roads are closed. I needed to make sure I didn't get mixed up in that. You'd have easily spotted me though. Blue hair, blue mountain bike and going slower than anyone else!

Whist on this trip I won't be updating my blog as I'm not taking a laptop with me - I will though be using social media - so if you'd like to follow me it's easy to do. ;-)

Follow the adventure!

I will be updating details of the trip on twitter @morwhenna - Facebook: Morwhenna – The Creative Adventurer and Instagram – morwhenna woolcock. If you would like to follow me (and wave your pom poms in encouragement! Pls do – will be great having you along even virtually!

Trip Details

The route details are here – Brecons 2 Morwenstow. There are still a few ‘Postcards From A Pilgrim’ available to sponsor. I'm so looking forward to creating these to send out to those lovely people who have sponsored one already!

If you are on my route and fancy meeting for a cuppa or walking a bit with me – get in touch!

I'm Fundraising for The Stroke Association

I had a brain hemorrhage when I was 12 and I was completely paralysed down my left-hand side. 

I spent many weeks in hospital and the long road to recovery began. I have regained around 85% mobility *I'd say* - that is a rough estimate! I still walk with a limp as a result of a condition called Drop-Foot, which is a common side effect of Stroke. 

I'm grateful to have a STIMuSTEP implant from Salisbury Hospital in 2008 which has greatly helped my walking. You could say I'm semi-bionic! Even after all these years (28 this July!) - I'm still seeing improvements. 

Having a stroke so young is unusual, I was born with a blood clot which burst causing the stroke. It was the size of a golf ball when it popped. There was no warning and the teachers didn't know what was wrong. According to recent research strokes in young people are on the rise. I have a number of close friends who have been affected by Stroke. 

Making younger people aware of the signs of Stroke is very important as the sooner that person can get to hospital the better chance they have of recovery. 

If you would like to make a donation to The Stroke Association please go here

Thank you! 

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