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Saturday 17 May 2014

Art Materials from Great Art - Thank you!

So nearly a week has passed already. Before I get into that though (I'm crafting a post about that now) I wanted to post a picture of Pepo - The Arts Coordinator and Translator at Art Relief International receiving the art materials so kindly donated by Great Art

Handing over the donated art materials to Pepo at Art Relief International
They were so grateful for these materials as although a lot of things are cheaper to buy here in Chiang Mai, getting good quality brushes like these and watercolour paint sets are expensive. They were VERY excited to be given them. 

UK company, Great Art donated 10 sets of brush sets and 20 watercolour tins to Art Relief International.

Am really looking forward to using these in some of the workshops. 

Thank you Great Art for being so generous. ;-) You can read about Pepo's role here

The office is pretty groovy and inspiring too..

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