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Wednesday 17 April 2013

Creating a Core Message Vision Board

I've been working on this on and off for the past few weeks and am now happy to say I think it's finished!

After completing my most recent 30 Day Challenge and working with Health Empowerment Coach - Ann Hobbs, I've been wondering really what I'm all about and what my 'core' message that really underpins what I do is (and I did wonder if I did actually have one!)

So here it is..this is me!

Taking the time to create this board has really helped me to 'see' what's inside and what I want to share with the world. After the initial feelings of guilt about 'playing' I TOTALLY enjoyed the whole process and was fully engaged in it. I didn't start out with a picture in my mind of how this would look. It has just evolved. 

I have also realised that my 'inside' vision isn't quite matching my 'outside' at the moment - so there is work to do. I am starting to feel more comfortable with actually 'stepping into' who I am supposed to be. This also scares me silly though - so after sharing this I may well retreat back into my shell...(anyone else do this?) until I feel comfortable to come out again!

I feel like I'm going through quite a shift at the moment and wanted to share some of this journey to connect with others also going through this transition as well as those out there who want to do this too but feel 'stuck', to say really - that its OK.

I'd love to hear if you have created your own core message board and how it has helped you? Or if you haven't created one - maybe now is a good time to do so..?


  1. Hi Morwhenna, after seeing this post, I love the idea of creating a vision board! Will definitely try that this month. Thanks!

    Good luck, Johanna 'curvy creative' Robinson x

  2. Love the vision board Mo, plus all you other exciting and creative stuff. I have one myself. It is interesting ot see what how other people put them together.