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Saturday 1 November 2014

22 days to go..!

Today is the 01 November and this marks my final month at 39!

In case you hadn't heard ;-* On the 23 of this month I'll turn 40 and I'm feeling rather excited about it. 

Whoooo hooooo!

Why am I so excited? 

Well, it kicks off my 40/40 project and for me marks the next stage of adventures!

I've been reflecting back and have also been thinking ahead and asking myself - How do I want my next 40 years to be? ooh the opportunities that I don't yet know about!

Are you turning 40 this month too? How are you feeling about it? 

Or are you already 40 - How's your experience been? 

Maybe you'd like to join me on some of my self-imposed challenges/adventures?

Here's the full list: The 40/40 Project

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