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Wednesday 22 May 2013

What can Soul Art tell you?

My Soul Art Journey - Finished Artwork

I have recently discovered the work of Soul Artist Laura Hollick after two different people suggested I checked her out. WOW! What an amazingly positive and powerful force she is! So when I discovered it was International Soul Art Day on 9 May I signed up to take part. However, I only managed to carve out the time yesterday to create mine! 

This was the first time I'd taken part and so wasn't sure what to expect. I watched the short films by Laura Hollick and downloaded the work sheet. 

Then I started..

and followed the five steps..

  1. Intention - this lays the foundation for the 'soul art journey'
  2. Bodymapping - this creates a framework for the art 
  3. Creative Expression - entering the creative zone and trusting myself
  4. Insight - what is my art telling me?
  5. Spirit Action - giving energy to the insights I received and making them tangible (Important!)

I've been experiencing quite a lot of pain and stiffness in my left side recently - mainly my left foot. I have a weaker left side as a result of having a stroke when I was 12 - so decided I wanted to explore my relationship with my left side through art and saw this as the perfect opportunity.

I mapped my legs and feet as I wanted guidance on how to heal my left side and to feel 'whole'. 

That was fun! 

Yes I did get paint on my legs!

Then I started to look at the images I had collected as part of the creative expression exercise - but didn't feel I was connecting with the images - it actually felt more frustrating - so decided to go with paint and a smattering of collage instead.. 

I got to this point - but felt something was missing...

Soul Art - adding paint and collage

Then I found my butterfly stamp..so I used that..and got a bit carried away!

Soul Art butterfly detail
I even butterfly stamped my feet!
Then I stopped. And knew I was done. This was the point where I asked for insight. I lit a candle, took a few deep breaths to clear my mind - then started asking the guided questions in the workbook..

Things just started to pop into my head - so I wrote them ALL down. Without judgement and not stopping to think about them or analyse them. I just wrote.

And these were my insights:

  • I need to be lighter about life - but at the same time I need to focus on being grounded
  • Look to nature to support you
  • Wear yellow
  • Focus on maintaining balance
  • Keep creating - daily
  • I can heal myself - I have the power - I need to believe
  • I am strong
Then I asked some deeper questions for more clarity on these insights..
  • Focus on grounding exercises that connect me to the earth
  • Walk barefoot in the grass, slowly and with purpose daily for 6 weeks - write what comes up and create artwork as a result
  • Be WOMEN - express and enjoy my femininity - create a persona to help me to connect with my inner goddess - use COLOUR!
  • Dig? (not sure what that one is about yet!)
  • Use visualisation - surround myself with Gold butterflies that represent my energy force and optimum health and wellbeing
  • It will take 6 years to be 100% 'whole'
Wow! That was a lot of insights! That 'ping' were there - in my mind. And by creating the artwork, and asking those questions I was able to access it. Interesting.

So my key word right now is GROUNDING - so that's what I'm starting to do. I went on my first barefoot walk today.... And I wore a dress and a bright orange wrap!! ( I don't actually own anything yellow - yet!)

I felt foolish to start with - but as I walked I felt better and eventually GOOD! It felt sooo GOOD having bare feet on the grass! oh YES!

I also noticed how the temperature of the grass and earth changed as I walked - from being cold and wet at the beginning to being warm and refreshing at the end...

Barefoot walk - Day 1
A very interesting and valuable experience for me - and worth taking the time to do. 

Will I be joining it again next year? YES! and I'd like to do it with a group of friends next time. ;-)

Do you use a grounding exercise? I'd love to hear what you do, if you'd be happy to share. x

To see the artworks and insights shared by others who also took part click here: International Soul Art Day - Gallery 2013

Thursday 16 May 2013

Get out there!

Over the bank holiday weekend I took part in two nature walks as part of the Bristol Walking Festival. I loved it. 

The sun shone and I met some fantastic people. We talked about and explored creativity.

I took some photos. And then did a walk on my own and made a short film...

A beautiful tree at Ashton Court
Glorious bluebells
And a short film...

Wild Walks - Nature walk to Blagdon Lake from Morwhenna Woolcock on Vimeo.

When was the last time you spent a day in nature? Tell me all about your most recent adventure!